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Say No to In-House Outbound Services and Outsource to Max out Leads

Outbound Services

Lead generation and telemarketing are important business endeavors. So crucial in these times that we are seeing many companies recruiting articulate outbound callers and paying handsome salaries. And if you are in the same boat, then don’t be hasty in your decision. Expensive in-house outbound services can cost you dear in the long run. Not only you have to pay a higher sum of money to recruit workforce, the expenses on infrastructural resources can be backbreaking as well.

Outsourced New York Answering Services and Outbound Calling

Given the proliferation of outsourcing companies, it is best to stay cautious when it comes to selecting a vendor. Not everyone is cut from the same cloth, and if you search call answering services or outbound services, you might not find a single vendor that is great at both these jobs. Have a look at some reasons why:

  1. Call answering is an inbound service that requires a different skillset than outbound services.
  2. An inbound agent has to be more polite and a good listener, while an outbound services agent has to be articulate.
  3. Inbound services depend a lot on the quality of IVR and CRM solutions. On the other hand, outbound services are more dependent on Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) and the talent of agents to convince potential clients.

Such disparate talents can be hard to find in a single vendor, which may cause you to recruit multiple call center outsourcing services. And in such cases, the hassle of management can be simply too much. A better option is to take the help of a versatile veteran like outsourced New York answering services and outbound services provider: Vcare.

Advantages of Outsourcing to Versatile Vendors

A single-point outsourcing services provider like Vcare opens up great opportunities for your business. Have a look at some advantages:

Access to comprehensive catalog of services minimizes hassle

No need to run here and there for outsourcing services. Vcare has complete grasp over ITES domain, and can help you come up with solution for almost every problem. It can help you with inbound and outbound calling. It also has expertise in back office support services, along with complete competency in devising essential call center software like IVR, CRM etc.

Service availability at competitive prices

Outsourced New York answering services, tech support, lead generation, telemarketing etc. are offered at an attractive price point.

Experienced management

When it comes to tricky issues, an experienced management is needed for smooth flow of operation. With over two decades of experience in the industry, Vcare is primed up to face almost any challenge. The management is not only great at managing the process, our TLs and managers are also great motivators. They keep the teams going even when the chips are down.

Complete scalability

A part of Vcare’s call center operation is conducted from India. From India, it gets access to a perennial supply of call center talent. So, in case, you are expecting your operation to grow quickly, then Vcare’s capability to scale can become your greatest asset.


When you run your outbound process in-house, you simply are not able to optimize its cost and maximize its efficiency, which can leave you way behind your competitors. It is a much better option to outsource to Vcare, and minimize costs while achieving all your telemarketing and lead generation goals.

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