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Why There Is No Substitute for Email Support Outsourcing?

Email Support Outsourcing Services

According to many studies done in the recent times, email support is deemed as the second most important modes of customer service in the world. But many companies do not give it the required importance and either skip on it altogether or skimp on the costing for this department. Both these situations are not ideal. In contrast, email support outsourcing provides a cost-effective way to undertake this task properly.

No Substitute for Email Support

Email support is a communication mode that has been prevalent since the dawn of the Internet age. It is deemed as the most robust mode of interaction. There are many professional discourses that are best done via email messages. Therefore, it has found a very important place in the call center industry. It has become one of the most important channels because of the following reasons:

  1. Allows for proper branding of messages. With a company letterhead, you can make more of an impact via your branding than in Live Chat or phone support.
  2. Every piece of information shared via email support is recorded. So, no one can deny their claims later.
  3. Provides readymade data for data mining operations. The insights generated via data mining can be used for forming future customer strategies.
  4. Ideal mode for raising complaints and generating critical RMA requests. Because emails are descriptive in nature, they leave no room for ambiguity.
  5. Most suitable for official communication for both B2B and B2C scenarios.
  6. Easier to maintain an email database than in other modes of support.
  7. The availability of mail trails provides complete description of the previous events.

These seven reasons make email support a 7-star channel for customer care. But every benefit of email support is only available if you perform the duties with utmost dedication and efficiency. Email support outsourcing provides an easier way to get this job done.

Why Choose Expert Email Support Outsourcing Services?

Given its many benefits, you might think of running an in-house department. But think again, it is not an easy task. Not only does it take away your focus from your core operations, it also puts undue pressure on your in-house departments e.g. HR, training, housekeeping, transportation etc.  When it is done right, an email support outsourcing endeavor provides tremendous benefits. Below are some reasons why an expert vendor can be helpful:

Availability of email response management software and necessary expertise

A large-scale email support operation cannot be done without a multi-tenant email response management software tool. The best vendors have access to this tool and also have proficient workforce that has hands-on experience and familiarity with its each and every facet. You do not have to make major investments on such software solutions by yourself, and all the work is done efficiently without any wastage of your time.

Readymade infrastructure, real-estate and facilities

The money spent on creating infrastructure for an email support department cannot be justified by a small- to mid-scale company. Therefore, it is much better to access readymade infra, real-estate and facilities provided by an accomplished vendor.

Quality assurance and SLA

By defining SLAs, you can get a set quality of work. You do not have to micromanage an email support outsourcing operation, especially when you outsource to a reliable vendor like Vcare. All the QA is done be veteran workforce. Also, Vcare is an email support outsourcing company that prides itself on delivering work exactly as per clients’ requirements.