Effective call Center Services

Call Center Services

With considerable amount of industry experience, we are renowned call center service provider for firms across the world. The company implements a perfect blend of skilled workforce and cutting-edge

IVR Call Center Services

IVR System

We provide IVR development services which can be altered as per the business demands of the clients. Our Cisco-powered IVR system provides features like database integration and text-to-speech conversion for enhanced

Telecom Billing and OSS Solution

Billing and OSS Solution

Vcall2customer provides an effective telecom billing solution which ensures transparency to the end customers. Our robust billing system ensures easy integration with multiple platforms along with bill convergence facility.

Technical Support Services

Technical Support

The company offers effective technical support services to firms from multiple domains. We have already catered the technical support for an array of technologies which include computer system.


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Currently the consumers are perpetually associated through various channels in order to reach out to companies. They are active on social networks, use smartphones and have complete access to information of the competitors. Consumer experience has thus developed as a strong differentiator for every enterprise for income growth and strengthening. Confronted by the disorder, customer support enterprises offer modernized and simplified services across various channels at reasonable costs.


The customers of Vcall2customer experience originality and freshness as compared to the conventional contact centers which uses digital enabled technology in conjunction with advanced analytics and smart automation to offer outsourcing solutions to help you offer personalized services while focusing firmly on abundant consumer experience..

  • Our consumer support channel will help you adjust to your consumer service strategy according to evolving needs of the market and take benefits of smart technology that will help you transform your business process
  • Our professional approach which leverages our area of expertise with comprehensive and wide-ranging analysis to create best mix of channel with a real time strategy
  • Resolutions through smart self-service and social support will help you deliver unswerving consumer experience across channels
  • Offering differentiated experience that automates the monotonous process, manages commitments, eliminates interval time and dedicatedly works on consumer feedback
  • Integrated analysis operations with deep actionable insights
  • Comprehensive and widespread channel strategy
  • Adoption of lower cost channels
  • Integrated analytic operations
  • We hire customer specialists rather than average agents
Therefore, companies seeking Indian call center companies for outsourcing their customer support or related processes can try our services and experience a positive difference in their business.



  • Focus on quality

    Our robust methods of quality management ensure that every single step of our process operates as per international standards. Our quality assurance specialists and call center managers examine every action to ensure quality is maintained during every interaction with customer.

  • Every employee here is an expert

    We believe in imparting in-depth knowledge to every agent on regular basis which helps him/her in becoming an ace of the respective process. We give strong emphasis on active listening skills along with problem solving abilities to ensure that handling customers becomes piece of cake for our agents.

  • Delivering results is our passion

    We start working on our client's project as soon as we form an association with them. At our workplace, we believe nothing is more important than the requirements of our client's business.

  • We constantly adapt as per scenario

    It is our flexibility that helps us to thrive in the domain of business process outsourcing since our inception. As a call center firm, we have ability to absorb the latest trends and technology to ensure that every project is tackled in a smooth manner. We also keep a keen eye on developments of different domains like retail, information technology and healthcare to modify our processes as per market demands.



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Improved First Call Resolution

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