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Why Quality Is the Biggest Difference Maker in Outsourced Tech Support Services?

Outsourced Tech Support Services

With IT growing at a rapid pace, the number of smart gadgets is also rising. People are becoming increasingly dependent on modern innovations. Gadgets like smart phones, laptops and fitness watches have become an integral part of human life. For many, it is hard to imagine a life without access to Facebook for the whole day. And, there are people who would probably have a nervous breakdown if there connection is down for more than 5 minutes. Due to the nature of life these days, it has become critical for companies to offer real-time call center technical support services, or else they risk losing their customers in a hurry.

Technical Support Services: Quality is Paramount

Unlike customer care and order processing departments, call center technical support services require a great deal of knowledge. In other call centers, basic knowledge of CRM and process along with good communication skills are sufficient. But in technical support, one has to know the product inside out. Agents simply can’t learn the FAQs and expect to keep the customers satisfied. Below are some reasons why:

  • Mostly, the information provided by the customer is not in a standard format. An agent with less knowledge, in spite of knowing the solution, might not be able to resolve customer queries because he is not well-equipped to understand it. On the other hand, a good agent will take cues from what customer has to say, utilize a logical approach and guide the query towards the right resolution in a step-by-step manner.
  • Technical diversity of devices can befuddle agents with low-level skills. For example, if an agent knows that a green light on the router means a functional Internet connection but does not know how to enable Wi-Fi adapter, he won’t be able to fix a ‘no Internet access’ issue easily. On the other hand, an agent well-versed with technology would know the shortcut commands on most laptops to enable the Wi-Fi functionality. He would not waste customers’ time and get excellent ratings them.

The abovementioned situations are just the tip of the iceberg. There can be ‘n’ number of scenarios where low-quality agents can become a major liability for your company. Always ensure that you either hire the right agents or employ high-quality outsourced tech support services from a reliable vendor.

A Guide to Best Outsourced Tech Support Services

Hiring an outsourced tech support services just because of a good name in the industry is not always ideal. You should use your own brain and hire those vendors that are best for your particular process. Do not go for the overall image but look for key indicators. If you are unsure what to do, then follow the tips:

  • Look for quality CRM and IVR – Just like other call center services, call center technical support services depend heavily on CRM and IVR. A CRM can improve agents’ performance on the call by providing them preemptive information about the customers calling in. They would no longer have to ask the customer the same details that they have already shared with previous agents. This will give them more time to troubleshoot. Also, a quality IVR that allows you to integrate custom messages can be used for reducing the call flow. For example, if the Internet services are down due to a zonal outage, you can announce that information via IVR and reduce the call volume.
  • Look for talented employees with a technical mindset – Technical support services are harder to deliver than other customer support services. You need people with a technical and logical mindset. Look for a company that has a consistent supply of above par talent.

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