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Access the Skills of Best QAs Via Veteran Inbound Call Center Outsourcing

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Keeping the quality of a business operation high is the top priority of entrepreneurs. Any dip in quality and you risk losing your existing customer base to the competition. Just as important as it is to keep up the good work in your core product/service, it is equally crucial to maintain a high level in inbound call center work. The agents who are given the responsibility of providing customer support need to be monitored constantly. And it is also essential that they are provided timely feedback. Therefore, Quality Analysts (QAs) who play this role are vital for an inbound call center outsourcing operation.

The Essential Job Responsibilities and Skills of Quality Analysts

A QA is a vital cog in a call center operation. He is almost as important as the agents, managers and TLs. He has a peculiar set of responsibilities, which are listed as follows:

  • Listening to the calls randomly to check if the agents are sticking to the prescribed rules and protocols
  • Providing feedback to the agents who are erring while providing customer services
  • Working alongside managers and TLs to form a corrective plan for faltering agents
  • Keeping up with the industry standards and updating the QA process accordingly
  • Alignment of call center process with the requirements of customers
  • Monitoring KPAs and ensuring that the agents achieve high scores by supporting customers better

It needs to be understood that the QAs do not listen to all the calls that agents take. But them listening to some calls makes the agents cautious while delivering support. While it is not the job of QAs to instill fear amongst the agents, it is still important to keep a leash on them for maintaining the integrity of the whole process.

Essential Attributes of Good QAs

In most cases, experienced call-taking agents grow up in ranks to don the hat of QA. But before hiring a QA, one should know that all types of personalities are not suited for this role. Below are some essential attributes of good QAs:

Scrupulous in approach

Being meticulous and scrupulous is essential for someone to be a good QA. The attitude of an analyst simply cannot be laid back. QAs need to have an attention-to-detail, which goes a long way in finding errors and rectifying agents mistakes.

 Problem solving attitude

There are different types of agents in a call center process with different attitudes. Every agent needs to be approached differently. Shunning an agent because he is just not good enough is not a solution. So, the QAs should have a problem-solving attitude i.e. they should be prepared to dig down deep and find the problems plaguing an errant agent.

Keeping up with the trends

Experienced QAs set the benchmark for both outbound and inbound call center outsourcing processes. So, the QA that you recruit should be able to formulate new plans and strategies according to the changing trends in the call center industry.


The gist of this article is that your QAs ultimately define the quality of your call center operation. They need to have certain characteristics, which are not common across all humans. The best way to run a call center process is under the guidance of scrupulous and meticulous QAs who really care for the company.

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